Each package will have it's own online gallery, where you can choose which images you like and if you would like them printed. You can have them printed right off this site on photo paper, canvas, metal, and even have a book made! I provide galleries unlike many other people. Even if you do a package that includes 15 images, I may give you 20 or even more. You will get the original version with minor edits. These edits are up to my own discretion and may include things like acne touchups, scars, lightening of the eyes and teeth. You may also see me playing with light and shadows to get the look and feel I want out of a photo. I keep things natural looking and do minor adjustments to add to the photo. Then, you may also see different version, like black and white or maybe a different color theme and a vignette. I let pictures talk to me and tell me what each one is going to look like in the end. I don't always go light and airy and I don't always go dark. It all depends on the mood of the photo. Allowing people to see the different versions I make and choosing which ones they like to go with their package or even to buy additional images at the end. All of this gives you great freedom to choose which portraits you would like and have the choice to add more, and to purchase pictures to be displayed and cherished.

Packages to preserve

these first moments, that only happen once!

NewbornPackage A

A great package to capture a precious moment. 15 edited digital images. Located in Naples, Idaho, in home is also possible. Two outfit changes and two different sets. Travel charge for outside of studio.


Newborn Package B

Newborn photos capture the very beginning, that only happens once. This package includes 25 images. located in Naples Idaho, I can travel to your home for an extra fee. This will include the possibility of 4 outfit changes and 2 scene changes


Maternity Photoshoot

This package includes so many precious moments! It starts right at the beginning, with Maternity. 15 digital images, one location, two outfit changes and use of client closet. Then, it includes your newborn and first birthday cake smash. What better way to document your journey!

Value $200

Newborn Photoshoot

This is the second step for this Bump to baby package. Along with the maternity shoot, you get 15 digital images. Location is in Naples, Idaho. With access to client closet and props.

Value $400

Cake Smash Photoshoot

The last portion of this package is their first birthday photoshoot or cake smash. 10 edited digital images. What an amazing way to celebrate your new addition!

Value $250

ALL of these amazing packages together for $700

let's talk about your new blessing

Common Questions

What gear do I use?

I mostly use a Nikon D850, it is an amazing full frame camera with 48 megapixels. Which means my pictures can be cropped in a lot without losing quality. It also means that, the pictures can be printed in large sizes for wall hangings, or even a billboard, if you wanted to. I also use a Nikon D750 as a secondary, it is also a full frame camera with a stunning low light capabilities. I can hardly call this inferior to the d850. It allows me to capture images in dark rooms and outdoors with little light. it has plenty of megapixels at 24.3MP. I have multiple portrait lenses, including a Nikon Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm 2.8. This lens offers a wide arrange of zooming while retaining low light capabilities and producing a creamy background. I also have a Nikon Nikkor 17-35mm 2.8, offering a wide angle for group shots and large spans of background. I also have Prime lenses which offer superb sharpness and great bokeh for gorgeous shots and portraits. I have a high quality Godox AD600 strobe and Godox AD200 for studio and on site lighting. I also have a Godox V860II for an easy to have on hand flash for additional lighting.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No, this service is offered as a bonus. All you need to do is let me know what products you are interested and what photos you would like to be used. I do the rest. Some photos are included in the packages.

Can I change details to a package?

Most of the time! These packages are put together to give options and price points. Almost all of these packages can be personally tailored, a fee may be discussed.

Can I add to my package later?

Yes! Most of the time I overshoot. I usually have a lot more pictures that I add to the gallery. You then get to pick what pictures you like best and add them to your package. If you go over the amount paid, they are only $10 a digital image.

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